Lobo Leasing is a premier provider of lease financing for helicopters acquired either in the secondary market (pre-owned) or newly delivered from OEMs. Lobo will purchase and lease older machines requiring renovation or upgrade where significant value can be added through mechanical and industry expertise.

The Lobo business model is to team with operators to assist them in growing and managing their fleet over time. This involves purchasing previously owned and/or new helicopters for lease to operators in need of additional lift but who may be short on capital or borrowing capacity.

While Lobo is happy to acquire new helicopters on behalf of operators, Lobo’s philosophy is to refrain from the speculative purchase of new delivery helicopters which we feel is in conflict with our customers.


  • Operating Leases
  • Sale Leasebacks
  • Bespoke End-of-Term Purchase Options
  • Flexible Transaction Structuring
  • Pre-Delivery Payment Funding for New Delivery Helicopters


In addition to providing new or used helicopters for lease, Lobo offers operators a range of tailored services designed to assist operators with capital and fleet planning. These services include sourcing of required machines or sale of surplus helicopters.

  • Sourcing and Acquisition
  • Fleet and Lease Management Services
  • Worldwide Helicopter Sales