Lobo Leasing offers a truly unique operating leasing approach and business model. Firstly, Lobo Leasing was founded and is managed by a diversified team of seasoned professionals with the most helicopter operations experience in the business. We bring unique skills and expertise to bear from different ends of the market — from helicopter finance, operation, government contracting, to technical, logistics, sales and brokering.

Additionally, Lobo is owned by Blackstone/GSO, one of the largest alternative investment firms in the world. Most importantly, we have an operator-centric approach to the market whereby we partner long term with operators to fund the acquisition of the helicopters they need.

Lobo offers operators a comprehensive range of fleet planning options including sale and leaseback, leasing of new delivery helicopters as well as the sourcing of used helicopters and the sale of surplus machines. What does this mean for you? It means we take a highly personalised approach to client relations to ensure the best solution for your individual needs.