It’s no wonder that helicopter leasing is growing at such a staggering rate when you consider all the benefits of doing so. Currently, about half of the worldwide commercial fixed wing aircraft are leased, whereas only a small portion of the rotary-wing fleet is leased. Here are just a few of the reasons why so many companies are turning to Lobo Leasing as a positive option for their business:
Ultimately, the most important aspect to developing a leasing arrangement is to work with a partner who understands your business. At Lobo Leasing, we understand that no two businesses are the same and we can provide the deep operator expertise coupled with the financial expertise and capital strength to develop a customised structure specifically for your business.
Your requirements may change over time. Leasing from Lobo allows you to change and expand your fleet without the same level of risk as ownership – giving you the opportunity to adapt to market changes, business growth and market demand.
A substantial down payment is required to purchase a new helicopter, which may weaken your cash position and/or borrowing capacity.  By leasing with Lobo, however, you are able to preserve your liquidity for other needs as there are no upfront funding requirements.
Through a Lobo structured sale and leaseback of all or a portion of your existing fleet, you can free up “hidden equity” in the helicopter for working capital or to put toward the purchase of a new helicopter.
Our bespoke structured leases compare favourably to a loan taking into account the weighted average cost of equity and debt required for financing a helicopter purchase.
At the end of the lease term, you are free to choose among three flexible options: 1) continue the lease for an extended term 2) purchase the helicopter or 3) if it is no longer needed, simply return the helicopter to Lobo.
As lessors, Lobo can offer fixed rates on longer-term leases protecting you from interest rate increases. By leasing from Lobo, your cost of capital costs are fully known upfront.
Operating leases are an off-balance sheet financing tool that allow your business to grow without placing pressure on your capital and leverage ratios.